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Email Hosting

Email is one of the best and fastest medium of communication in the modern world. We send all important written job works such as official letters, applications, orders or instructions via email now.  In business world, sending email from a common email id is not a good idea. So, we have launched customized business email service for all. Customized email id gives your business a professional look. We offer customized email (such as service for you as per your need. You can choose single email id service or multiple email id services as per your budget and business needs. Contact our specialist to help you more regarding email hosting services.

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Our Website Design Packages includes

Microsoft Outlook Compatible

Webmail, SMTP, POP3 & IMAP

Thunderbird & Other Client Compatible

You can access from your Gmail app of your mobile

Android Compatible

Free SSL certificate

Free auto backup

High Speed outgoing & incoming email

Anytime package customization or add on facilities

Free customer Support for one year

Email Hosting Packages

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18% GST extra is applicable on all the above prices and billing yearly. Special discount for 2 years, 3 years and 5 years booking at a time.

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FAQ & Answer

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What is email hosting?

Using your own domain name, you may create and manage business email accounts with the help of email hosting. Your emails can be stored there, messages can be sent and received more easily, and it frequently has extra features like collaboration tools and spam screening.

Why is email hosting important?

Compared to free email services, email hosting offers a number of benefits. Personalised email addresses using your domain, such as, offer you a more credible appearance. Additionally, it gives you more control, security, and dependability over your email accounts.

How does email hosting work?

Your domain’s MX (Mail Exchanger) records are set up to point to the email servers of the hosting company when you sign up for email hosting. These servers receive incoming emails sent to your domain, store them there, and make them accessible to you via your email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) or webmail interface.

What are the benefits of using my own domain for email?

Your business or personal brand will appear more professional if you use your own domain for email. It improves brand awareness, cultivates consumer trust, and establishes consistency throughout all of your online communications. Furthermore, it enables you to keep control of your email accounts even if you switch web hosting companies.

Can I use email hosting without a website?

You can utilise email hosting even if you don’t have a website. Independent of website hosting, email hosting services concentrate solely on offering dependable and feature-rich email services. This means that even if you don’t currently have a website, you can still have business email addresses.

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