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Google PPC Marketing

Ecommerce website is a particular online portal where sale products or services through online transactions. It may be a business to business model or business to customer model. Each and every ecommerce website is unique by its design, delivery model concept and payment transaction model. So, if you are new and going to start an ecommerce website, just contact our ecommerce website specialist to create absolutely a brand new unique ecommerce website for your business.

Our Website Design Packages includes

Free .co.in domain for one year

Free minimum web hosting for one year

CMS based professional design

Fully responsive (PC/ Mobile/ Tablet friendly)

Free SSL certificate

Free auto backup

SEO friendly design

Google maps

Social media integration

Dynamic contact form

Google PPC Marketing

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Note: these packages can be tailored to your clients’ specific needs and industries. Additionally, you may want to consider offering add-on services, such as:

  • Google Ads campaign audit and setup
  • Google Ads training and consulting
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Google Analytics setup and tracking

Feel free to let us know if you need any more help!

18% GST extra is applicable on all the above prices and billing yearly. Special discount for 2 years, 3 years and 5 years booking at a time.

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FAQ & Answer

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What is Google marketing?

Google marketing refers to the use of Google’s advertising platform and tools to promote businesses, products, or services on various Google platforms, including Google Search, YouTube, Google Display Network, and Google Maps. It involves creating and running targeted ads to reach potential customers and drive desired actions.

Why is Google marketing important for businesses?

Google marketing supports firms in a number of ways:

  • Wide audience: As the most widely used search engine on the planet, Google offers access to a sizable clientele.
  •  Intent-based targeting: Google gives companies the option to target users based on their search terms and intent, ensuring that ads are delivered to the right audiences who are actively looking for information or goods.
  • A variety of ad types: Google provides a range of ad formats, including text, display, video, and retail advertisements, enabling companies to interact with users across many platforms and devices.
  • Measurement and analytics: To analyse ad success, gauge conversions, and learn more about user behaviour, Google offers powerful analytics tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Companies may set their budgets and bid strategies with Google’s auction-based advertising system to regulate expenses and maximise their return on investment.


How can I start Google marketing for my business?

Use these steps to launch Google marketing for your company:

  • Create a Google Ads account. Set up a Google Ads account at ads.google.com and connect it to your landing page or website.
  • Set objectives: Choose your advertising goals, such as increasing sales, generating more leads, or increasing website traffic.
  • Carry out keyword research to find pertinent keywords that match the search intent of your target market and your company.
  • Produce effective ads: Create catchy headlines, descriptions, and ad language that will draw users in and emphasise your unique selling points.
  • Choose a targeting strategy: Define the demographics, geographic regions, interests, or particular websites or apps where you want your adverts to show for your target audience.
  • Establish budgets and bids: Based on your objectives and financial limits, choose your daily or campaign budgets and bid methods.
  • Track and improve: Keep an eye on the progress of your campaign, go through important metrics, and make any adjustments.
How can I measure the success of my Google marketing campaigns?

Google offers a variety of indicators and tools to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your Google marketing campaigns:

  • Google Ads dashboard: Track important performance indicators for your Google Ads account, such as impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversions, and cost per conversion.
  •  Conversion tracking: Implement conversion tracking to track particular website user actions like purchases, form submissions, and newsletter sign-ups.
  • Google Analytics: Connect your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts to learn more about user behaviour, the sources of website traffic, and the paths taken by customers that convert.
  • A/B testing: To evaluate performance and optimise your campaigns, do split tests using different versions of your advertising or landing pages.
  • Attribution models: Determine the worth of each marketing channel by analysing the impact of your marketing activities by attributing stages in the user’s journey to various touchpoints.


Are there any best practices for Google marketing?

Yes, the following are some Google marketing best practises:

  • Keyword research: To find pertinent and high-intent keywords for your campaigns, conduct in-depth keyword research.
  • Ad relevance: To ensure a seamless user experience, make sure your landing page content and ad copy are in line with the keywords you’re targeting.
  • Optimise your landing pages for a distinct call to action, relevancy to the advertisement, quick loading times, and mobile friendliness.
  • Ad extensions: To improve the exposure and functionality of your ads, use ad extensions like sitelink extensions, call extensions, or location extensions.
  • Quality score: Aim for a high quality score by presenting pertinent and excellent advertisements, utilising targeted keywords, and offering a satisfying user experience.
  • Consistent monitoring and optimisation: To enhance performance, continuously monitor your campaigns, try various ad variants, modify bids, and improve targeting.


To ensure that your ads are authorised and function properly, it’s necessary to understand and abide by Google’s most recent regulations. Keep in mind that these policies are subject to change.

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